Another GoDaddy Gotcha!

I just recently learned that does not offer any type of backup utility in their control panel. This is typically not a problem for me because I don’t use their hosting. However, some of my clients do.

We were having an issue with a great Email Form Processor called MachForm that we’ve been using without a problem for a few years. Forms were still being processed and coming through, but the user was getting an error when they hit submit. Support through MachForm felt that it had to do with the mail server on the host. I simply wanted to backup the site (primarily the MachForm directory), install the latest version of the software and see if the error still existed. I asked my client to check with GoDaddy about backups. After speaking with support they told him the only way to backup was to use an ftp application and download the files locally. I was a little surprised and a bit skeptical. Come on, every other hosting package that I’ve worked with offers some kind of backup. My host of choice backs up each site and keeps an available copy for 7 days. It also has a great control panel that allows you to choose an entire backup down to a specific file. GoDaddy would have to have at least something, right?

So, my client gave me his GoDaddy login and I snooped around, looked everywhere I could think of and sure enough, no mention of backups anywhere. I then did a Google search for backing up on GoDaddy hosting and the result was a support article from GoDaddy explaining how to copy your site down via FTP. How about that…

So, if I’m wrong and they do have a utility somewhere hidden on the Linux Control Panel that they offer, please point me to it. I’m just a little blown away that they have nothing. I’ve had a lot of problems with their hosting using both WordPress and ModX so the moral to this story at least for me is, host your site just about anywhere other than GoDaddy.

Where do you host your site? Need to switch from GoDaddy? Contact me. I’m sure I can help.