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Why is this site so…

Plain? Black and White? Minimal? There are several reasons. Let me explain…

First, I have in recent years been drawn more and more to minimalism. I have always had a bit of minimalism in me. I don’t like a lot of furniture or stuff in a room. My wife always says if it were up to me I would have a chair, a couch and a tv in our living room and nothing else. That’s pretty close to true. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve also realized that there are only a few things that I truly use all of the time and truly need. So much of what is lying around our house just simply sits there and is never touched. So why is it taking up space in our home? Why is it gathering dust? Why don’t we remove it and enjoy the empty space? You get the point.

Second, I also find a lot of clutter to be distracting. I like my work area to have very little in it, on it or around it. It takes away from my focus. Messy desks and offices make me uncomfortable. I just feel a certain relief in working in a clean space with just my computer, my keyboard, mouse and phone. I keep a notepad handy but to be honest, I put almost all of my notes in Apple Notes now because they are always there when I need them.

So, what does all of this have to do with my very plain and minimal site? Well, when I thought about using this site for an occasional post about graphic design, web design, etc. I thought, what does the site really need to do? I want to let people know who I am and why I’m writing. I need to have a place for the posts and I need a way for people to say Hi, how you doing. I don’t need cool sliders with loads of images. I don’t need a fancy design filled with things that don’t support what I’m doing. This site is a simple place for me to share a bit of my knowledge and information about design for small businesses.

In the future I will probably post more about minimalism. I want to share the story of my father the minimalist and my mother who is the complete opposite. It was interesting growing up with people who had such a different view on possessions and what they meant to each of them. I also will probably talk more about some of the sites that I started visiting about minimalism. If you are into minimalism at all you’ve probably visited a fantastic site by Leo Babauta. His site made me think more and more about what is important in my life and in what I own. I have a long way to go with my minimalist goals, but I have changed a lot in the past few years. There are many other sites on minimalism and I’ll probably talk more about them in the future as well.

For now, let me know how you feel about minimalism and how it relates to design and especially web design. I don’t think you’ll find a more minimal website than but it does just what it needs to do.

Enjoy your summer.