Planting Seeds for Growth

Planting Seeds for Growth

Today I planted my summer garden. What does that have to do with small business and web design. Good question. Here’s what I was thinking about as I planted this afternoon.

With every small addition to your website, you plant new seeds for growth. New blog posts, news, updates, new product information…. whatever it is, it can help your business in so many ways. New content is good for SEO. Good targeted content is good for your potential clients. Powerful resources and information can be very helpful for your current clients.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money to create your website. Don’t let it sit untouched. Plant new seeds and watch it grow. Keep updating it and adding to it. Don’t let it get stale. If your clients come to your site a few times and find nothing new, you can bet they’ll stop visiting.

We’re all guilty of letting our sites sit without updates. The best way to make sure that you give your site the love that it needs is to create a schedule and stick to it. I know, I know… you’re too busy, you don’t have the time. I get it. But make time. It doesn’t even have to be a huge amount of time. But at least put a monthly reminder on you calendar. When it beeps and tells you to update your site, do it. Don’t schedule over it. Don’t just click off of the alert either. Make it a time to get something positive done to your presence on the web.

Your site is important. Plan today to make some updates that may help you land that next big project or connect with a great new client. Go ahead, plant some seeds! If you need help, contact me.

Have a great summer!