So, what’s this all about?

In the past I’ve primarily used as a place to build websites before publishing them to their final resting place. I also used it as a place to occasionally test out a WordPress plugin or test a new theme out. I wasn’t too careful with what I was doing, it didn’t really matter. Then one day I googled my name and sure enough my little playground came up with all of my messy posts and silly pages. I decided at that time I should probably make the site a little bit more than just a dumping ground.

So, I started thinking about all of the design work I’ve done since I started my career. I’ve worked with huge and very small companies, one person businesses and everything in between. When I really thought about the work I was proud of it was the work I did for small businesses. It gave me the opportunity to design the way I wanted. I also loved the collaboration with small entrepreneurs who knew what they wanted but just needed that person who could help them pull it all together. I’ve learned so much over the past 20 plus years that I realized I have some value to bring to the table. So, why not use this site to share some of that knowledge? Use it to connect with more small business people who could gain from what I’ve learned.

That’s what is all about. Well, at least that’s the plan. So, if you happen to stumble upon my little experiment, send me a note and let me know if there is something that I can write about that just might be of some value to you or others. I plan to post about small business print design and web design. I’d like to feature some of the work that I’ve done. I may share some of the plugins that I think just work great with WordPress. I’ll share my thoughts on design and the state of the web. I guess we’ll just see where it all goes. I may even play with totally new design ideas here and there making the pages a little less than ordinary. Who knows. At this point I’m just going to take it as it comes. If I have an idea, I’ll post it here. If it makes no sense at all, hey, that’s fine.

I look forward to seeing where this goes.