The Website Funnel

Why does your small business have a website? No, really, what is the purpose of your site?

I work with many clients that offer very specific products or services. They may do many things, but their business is really based around a few main areas. But so often they want to fill their home pages with items that just don’t make sense. Why would a plumbing supply store have a weather plugin on their home page? Or, how about links out to the latest area news stories? Great idea, huh?

It’s hard enough getting potential clients to your site, when you finally get them there, don’t send them away!!

So, what is the web site funnel? I’ve always explained it this way: Determine the focus of your products or services. Create 2, 3 or 4 larger callouts that are clearly defined. Now, funnel potential clients into the areas where you can match your product or services to their specific need.

Let’s be honest here, if you have a small business and that small business is not an entertainment business, don’t try to entertain your potential clients. That’s why YouTube was invented. You want to get people to your site and get them to take action. That action should be to email you, pick up the phone and call you, get a free estimate, buy your product, anything but entertain them. That doesn’t mean your site shouldn’t look good, be professional and easy to use and navigate. Unless you’re selling fluffy kittens, let them find those videos on Facebook.

If you need help funneling people into your business, contact me. I’m sure I can help.

Have a great holiday weekend!