WordPress Responsive Menu

ResponsiveMenuWordPressSince MikeSmull.com is my place to try out new Plugins, I thought I would give this one a try: Responsive Menu by Peter Featherstone. So far I have to say it’s a great little plugin.

I’m a huge fan of Headway Themes, the absolute best drag and drop site builder for WordPress. I’ll talk a whole lot more about that in coming posts. In Headway when you turn on the Responsive Grid, you get the default mobile menu. I’m an iPhone guy and that default menu drives me nuts. I have always hated it. So I’ve started testing out alternatives. Responsive Menu is free and it is extremely easy to use and works great. The way I determine if a plugin is easy to use is if I can install it, activate and get it working the way it should without ever looking at any documentation. I guess it’s just my nature to want to get right to heart of how something works without taking the time to dig deep into the documentation. This plugin passes the test with flying colors. Give my site a try on your phone and tablet and let me know if you like the way it works.

Since I had such good luck with Responsive Menu I thought I’d try it on a new site I’m working on now for my client EarthWorks. So far so good. I’ll talk more about that project as it gets closer to launch.

If anyone out there has a great WordPress Responsive menu that they would like to recommend, pleas contact me and let me. I’m always looking to try a great new plugin.

Have a great and successful day!