Zapp….You’ve Been Socialized!

Well, maybe not exactly. However, I am testing a new plugin called SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster) for a new project that I’ll be working on. I wanted to see how easy it was to setup and how easily it posted to my accounts. This post is the maiden voyage.

So, right to the good stuff. The plugin is easy to install just like any other WordPress Plugin. I searched for it, added it and activated it. Done. Now that the plugin was installed, I went to Settings > {SNAP} Social Network Auto Poster and added my first account. I chose Facebook to start with. I have to say, it was a little more complex than I thought it would be. The plugin has a link with detailed instructions on how to create an App on Facebook. It required signing up to be a Facebook Developer and multiple steps to create the actual app. Basically all of this comes down to having the right URL’s in place and generating the App ID and App Secret to input into SNAP. After the information was entered, I verified the Facebook account and it all seemed to work. I guess we’ll find out when I publish this post.

Setting up Twitter was similar. I did have to add my mobile phone number to Twitter which I had never done before but the steps were basically the same.

SNAP is a Freemium product. In order for you to Auto Post to Google Plus you have to upgrade to SNAP Pro for WordPress. The cost is $49.95. Since this site is really just a place for me to try things out, share some of my vast knowledge and tell a few stories, I’m going to hold off on purchasing the full version for now. We’ll see if our client feels adding Google Plus is worth a $50 investment. Maybe as my site grows I’ll add it as well.

So, here goes nothing….


It seems like all of my posts went through fine. So, thumbs up for SNAP! Since writing this post I also added my LinkedIn account. Pretty much the same process as Facebook and Twitter. A few steps and I was up and running.